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  A Word About This Course

I wrote this entire course for you. I had you always on my mind while I wrote this course on my office, on coffeeshops and even on planes.

But I am writing this from my perspective and my point of view. Even though most lessons can be applied to every person, in some of these you might have to do a bit of mental gymnastics. I explain why.

- Through the course you will see lessons directly written to men, as such: “The Essential Men’s Set”, “Approaching” or “The Essentials of Good Looks”.

I feel that I would be dishonest if I wrote something similar to women: 1) I don’t know what it is like to be a woman and I can’t write through your perspective, ladies 2) I don’t have any desire to tell you what you should or should not do. I base all my lessons on my life experience and my experience is as a man, I can speak to men and let them know what works for me or what doesn’t… I could never do the same to women, for obvious reasons.

- You will also find many references to literature, writing, traveling and marketing. That is what I spend 90% of my time doing. I believe that you can easily sidestep this, you just have to replace the word “writer” for your own job and my hobbies for your own hobbies.

- I have no intention to tell you what is right or what is wrong but solely to indicate you a road through which you will be able to advance faster in the direction of your dreams. So, understand that the success or failure is your entire responsibility, I am here to point a direction, to light the way and sometimes even to hold your hand (not literally, that would be weird :) .

But it is your sole responsibility to walk your own path, it is in moving forward that change happens. Nobody else can make you move.

- The way you decide to advance on this course is entirely up to you. You can finish it in one day, read everything, don’t do a thing and never come back. You will have the result you asked for. You can also take one month, six months or even one year to finish every step along the way. But as is the title of this course the time set to finish it are 30 days.

Yes, you will feel anxious, stressed and under pressure. That's good, that's the point. This is the way in which you are going to take the most advantage out of it.

- You can finish it in one month and keep coming back to it, digging deeper and deeper as you explore and discover new and exciting things. This again, is your sole responsibility and choice.

- The great benefit of this course is that it is practical. I am writing what I desired to have read once in my life. The downside of this course it is that it is entirely written. I understand that you might like videos or even podcasts. But I don’t want to glue you to the screen for hours or even for minutes.

I want you to read a lesson and then keep moving through the day. I want you to look at these lessons as something simple, swift and as fast paced as you brush your teeth or tie up your shoes. The value is in the action that follows, not the lessons itself.

To close this down, I can guarantee you that I always had the intention to deliver the most valuable, action based and powerful course that I can possible deliver.