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  The 1 Month Manifesto

I believe in change. I believe in fast, lasting, powerful change.

Actually it is not a matter of believing in it or not, change happens anyway, at every second, at every minute things change. It is up to us to accept or struggle with that fact.

The feeling of being powerless is one that keeps me awake at night, afraid and vulnerable. If you ever experienced it, you know what I am talking about: you feel life going by, people making decisions that affect your life and you stay there, in your corner, holding on to the belief that maybe, just maybe, nothing will change. The good thing is that you can not only learn on how to accept that change, but also to be an agent of change.

I believe in empowerment. I believe in giving yourself permission...

... To live the life you always wanted to live. One of the most hard facts about life is that nobody gives a fuck about you, nobody... Even the people who love you they just want to see you comfortable, that's it. Even if you are miserable and hate your life, they will never get you because after all... you have a job like everybody else, you have your group of friends like everybody else, you date people that you kinda like just as everybody else, you have a one week vacation per year, like everybody else. That's good, right?

Perhaps for them, but not for you. Whenever you talk about changing your life and living something more than this they look at you in disbelief and think "Who the fuck do you think you are?

And you always knew it, you are you. A human being with desires and wants, with hopes and dreams, with a short period of time on this magical place.

Call me crazy if you like, but I find it way more insane to accept that life should be lived in stressed frustration than in a happy relaxed way.

I believe in dreams, I believe in Action

I always knew that I wasn't just one more of the bottle. I knew that if I didn't do what I needed to do it would be more likely to kill myself at the age of 22 than to smile sheepishly while my bossed yelled at me for not doing something right.

It kills me whenever I see kids and young people full of potential bended and twisted by the demands of society. People who have such incredible talents feel that it is okay to forget it and flip hamburgers for the rest of their lives. Nothing wrong with it, but what is wrong is that the potential is lost, the dreams vanish, the status quo sets in and before they know it... the accept it as life *shrug shoulders*.

I believe that right now you have more power than you can possibly conceive. I know that you are not a victim and that you can change your life circumstances if you are willing to do what it takes. I believe that nobody has to shrug shoulders and smile sheepishly while feeling like a failure.

I believe that action is the missing essential step. I see everywhere people not following their life path because they are too afraid and scared to fail, the pain of being ridiculed for attempting is bigger than the poisoning comfort of where they are.

More likely than not, you are already in pain, you are already hurt by society... At least get something from it, do something with that pain and those wounds. Capitalize on those.

I believe in revolutions, I believe in You

There are no social, political or economical revolutions, every successful revolution is a personal one. It is by empowering one person at the time that we can live in a more humane, just and sane world. I believe that if all of us, 7 billion human beings, realized who we really are then everything would change the very next day. It's a revolution of consciousness.

But more important than anything else, I believe in YOU. I trust in you and I see that you have everything that it takes to be who you want to be. I know that you can live your dreams, just like I started living mine, if you put one foot in front of the other.

And why do I know all this? Because I know myself better than most people know themselves and so... I can say that I know who you are better than you know yourself.

Let's go forward, my friend!