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  The 4 Areas of Change

This course is going to take you 30 days to complete, the purpose of it is to change in 1 month, what you are used to change in 1 year.

Yes, it will be a challenge. And yes, I hope that you embrace that challenge.

This course is divided into 4 main areas, with many lessons being transversal to all of the areas or to some. They are all interconnected, but still you will be able to see that some lessons fit in very specific categories.

The 4 Areas of Change are:

- Social Life

In here we will touch on the subjects of social dynamics, human behavior and social awareness. We explore also explore seduction and dating, it is an area highly focused on overcoming your social fears and acting anyway.

- Passion & Work

Lets find what is your passion, lets find out what do you love to do more than anything in the world. Let's talk about personal finances and how you can live a rich life, without being "rich". Let's see which habits you can cultivate to move forward in your career and in your passions.

- Adventure

The shortest area of change because there is not much to be said about adventure and traveling than to actually travel and thrust yourself into the adventure that is your life. You will be provided with motivation and advice, we will touch on the subject of minimalism and the true possibilities for you to travel and see the world.

- Life Hacks

Not really hacks, but I don't like the term "life advice". In this area we will explore what you can do to improve your looks, how you can change your outlook on life, which habits you should adopt and which ones you should let go.