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  Who am I?

Hi there, dear student!

My name is João Fernandes and I am an adventurer, a life enthusiast and the proud owner of a Newfoundland dog. On my free time I also write books, work as a Consultant, Digital Marketer, as Copywriter and in my spare time I create Online Courses, like this one.

By the way... this is how you pronounce my exotic Portuguese name: [ʒuˈɐ̃w

If you are not in touch with what I do, I can let you know that I've been writing daily for over 10 years, first for my own entertainment and in more recent years as a published author, on Vice, Thought Catalog, The Quarter Life Crisis and many other places around the Web.

I do have great articles, not only my mum told me that, but also my closest friends and people I pay to compliment me. It's true, you can check some of those articles here: Adventurous Artist website.

Along with my writing I've been also traveling around the world, sometimes for months, other times for a couple of weeks. My first solo trip was to the island of Malta, when I was 18 years old and a couple of years later I moved to Budapest, Hungary for a year. Since then I discovered much of Europe, North America and some areas of Southeast Asia.

I am also deeply passionate about helping other people living a better life and feeling more empowered in their daily existence. I don't judge the source of knowledge, which is very confusing to many people, since I can be found quoting a pimp and buddhist monk in the same sentence.

In the last couple of years I worked as a solo consultant, having worked with dozens of men and women, but also as an Assistant Coach for the Ars Amorata project through all North America. I've also had a crucial role in coaching hundreds of students in their Online University.

Still, I don't see myself as an expert, guru or master at anything, just someone deeply curious about life, people and what the hell we are all doing here. I don't intend to convince you of anything or in buying what I say, I just like to help people living a great life and this course its the clearest reflection of it.

If you would like to know more about me and in what I believe in, you can check some of my best articles, right here:

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